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A Unique Collection of Henry Isaacs' Pastels

Over the past months we've gathered a nymber of pastels, painted throughout the country in the 1980's and 1990's, which have not been on the market for many years. Individual pieces from this collection are now available for purchase.

Henry describes this collection as "like looking at an old family album." These Plein Air pastels have aged beautifully, remaining vivid and evocative.

For purchase information, contact the Islesford Dock Gallery (click here)

Wildflowers - Mt Desert 22x30"

Fishing Cabin - Northern Maine 22x30"

Ten Mile Range 29x41"

Ocotillo Arizona 26x19"

Cliffs 8x30"

Hillsides 8x30"

Mount of the Holy Cross 29x41"

Island Garden 29x41"

Big Valley 31x48"

View from Mulholland 6x14"

Hillside 2 6x20"

Mountains Late Afternoon 6x20"

Vermont River 7x20"

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